August 30, 2010

Hello world!

Hello, I'm Martin Prochazka speaking on behalf of our team. I would like to start this blog by introduction of talented people behind Family Farm and other Hammerware games. Someone said that a picture is better than 1k words. So here I reveal identity of our current core team...

Jaromir Puncochar | Martin Prochazka | Jakub Kroupal

Martin Prochazka
I'm a CEO of this little company where coding, game designing and keeping an eye on production stuff is my daily work.
Tags: hobby economist, caffee, drum'n'bass, DS owner

Jaromir Puncochar 
Jaromir is our lead artist. A very productive one.
Tags: photographer, tea, PSP owner

Jakub Kroupal
Jakub is a skilled C/C++ coder focused on 3D graphics.
Tags: studying informatics, learning japanese, NES owner

 Greetings from Brno! ('70s picture postcard)

We live in Czech Republic (EU). You probably know Prague, but we are located in a less famous city - Brno. You have never heard of it, don't you. Nevertheless, we drink a lot of beer here too!

We have a regular open-space office, which is just one big room with tables, chairs, computers and a bit of mess. No pictures - we would like to keep some privacy for now ;)

That's all about our background. See you next time!