April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

We have been quite busy with development of Family Farm, but now it's out and I should take time to wish you happy Easter. I'm not saying it with empty hands. Let your game update itself and cook some Easter specialities...

A tiny content addition but it's first one. We would like to demonstate that we are not only going to fix bugs (which is progressing well so far), but extend the game content too! As you could noticed there is an autoupdating functionality within launcher app on Windows. Sadly, we can't support all Linux and Mac users this way (only those who buy at "app stores"). We are happy to see activity around IndieDB's Desura which could bring gaming to Linux in a big way. Not everyone is enjoying tar xvfz.

We have some work on Linux (64bit support, mouse glitches on some systems, etc.) yet before we launch at Ubuntu Software Centre in a proper quality. We had to leave it because of Mac version, which is going to be released boxed by Iceberg Interactive in May.

After finishing work on these platforms we are going back to focus on a game stuff and our priority list of features is following:

  • free play (sandbox) mode
  • freelook / farm overview mode
  • some autonomous behaviour of characters like going to eat
  • online "achievements" or hiscores

Most of these features were requested by community. Leave a comment if you support this list or have different view. We love to hear from you!