June 2, 2011

It's your story now

Update to 1.3.0 is here! We have finally added feature that many requested - custom story. You can set up a  location and various settings of scenario you are going to play with no goals. There are other minor tweaks you may notice like that characters go eat when they have meal nearby, some bug fixes as usual, etc.

I know sandbox play is quite popular nowdays thanks to Minecraft. It's a pity we haven't gone this way too and had more goal-driven players in mind. The problem is we had pretty exact idea about our audience which is really fuzzy now. Most of what we thought doesn't describe people who enjoy this game.

What's next? It seems there is first Android tablet worth of purchase - Asus Transformer Pad. This tablet/netbook is powered with fast nVidia Tegra 2 chip and contains 1 GB of RAM which means we could let Android users manage a farmstead with their fingers. We need to adapt user inteface of course but first we need to compile all the stuff and run it smoothly...

Note it takes some time to propagate new version into all channels which support updating like Desura or Ubuntu. Have fun!


  1. Oh don't say it's a pity! Your game is amazing, and I have my hopes up that in the future you guys will come up with a sandbox style farm game! No pressure ;)

  2. Dobrý den,

    ráda bych nahlásila bug, ale nedávno jsem si deaktivovala facebook, tak to zkouším tady, snad si to někdo přečte :-) Trošku mě štve, že když opravdu tvrdě makám na kvalitě polních plodin, tak jakmile přesáhnu 100 %, tak plodina zmizí a pole přestane fungovat. I když ho zaorám a zaseju další rok znova, tak tu plodinu nelze sklidit. Doufala jsem, že to s updatem 1.3.1 třeba přestane, ale zlobí to pořád... Jinak je hra výborná, zábavná a s krásnou grafikou, jen tak dál!

  3. I hate to start again and again every 20 years.. Why there is "no time limit" mode in this custom mode..? ;(